Why Use A Mortgage Broker?

Because they can save you time and money.

As the loan market becomes increasingly complex, more people are turning to brokers to assist with their financing needs. more than half of Australians only move every 5 – 15 years, it’s no wonder that organising finance can be confusing. That’s why at MRM Mortgage Brokers we explain the process each step of the way to organise the loan that is right for you...

Here are some of the reasons to come and see MRM Mortgage brokers.

MRM Mortgage Brokers can save time

When looking for the right loan, it seems the number of choices you can find are limitless! The home loan market can be complex and overwhelming at times. You can choose to do the research yourself; comparing loan types, interest rates, fees and charges or you can work with MRM Mortgage Brokers who already have the knowledge – Let MRM mortgage brokers save you time!

MRM Mortgage Brokers give you choice

At MRM Mortgage Brokers we have a panel of over 20 lenders with over a 100 loan types, we spend the time it takes to understand your personal situation, find out what is important to you and recommend the right loan. Remember, the best rate is not always the best deal! We keep up-to-date with the latest offers, products and services to you know when you choose your loan it’s right for you.

MRM Mortgage Brokers can help you avoid pitfalls

Many loan products seem to offer a great deal – low rates, introductory offers, fixed terms, pay extra, interest only and more… But they could have penalties, fees or charges you may not be aware of or worse you may lose the flexibility of repaying your loan early. MRM Mortgage Brokers can help avoid making mistake when choose your home loan. Get the right advise now and avoid the pitfalls later...

Best of all… MRM Mortgage Brokers get paid by the lender

MRM Mortgage Brokers don't charge a fee for their service. The lenders pay them a commission for the loans they write. Most lenders offer the same rate via the finance broker as they would directly, but knowing what each lender is doing assists MRM Mortgage Brokers to negotiate with your lender which can lead to a better deal.

MRM Mortgage Brokers: The only finance broker to deal with!