Meet the MRM Team

Peter Whitbourn – Principal Mortgage Broker

Peter has been in the finance industry for more than 12 years. Over this time, has worked with a number of major Lenders in Melbourne and regional Australia. After working in a number of Branch based lending roles Peter started to noticed that finding someone with a willingness to help and the knowledge to get the right advice has become increasingly difficult.

In the modern age of increased productivity, optimising efficiency and DIY finances it can be difficult to navigate the world of home lending and even more difficult to have the confidence to know you have a great deal.​

This is why Peter makes understanding his customers’ needs and providing assistance every step of the way a priority. Peter will take the time to walk you through your options and help you understand the bank jargon. That way you can make the right choice knowing that your loan suits your needs now and your plans for the future. Come and experience the difference.

Talk to Peter at MRM Mortgage Brokers today.​